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Krevitz Dental Arts | Sleep Apnea in Hatboro

Sleep Apnea


Do you wake up from a night's sleep and still feel tired? Do you snore often or loudly? Battle sleepiness during the day? Do you suffer from acid reflux, headaches upon waking, or tooth wear? These are all syptoms of sleep apnea, a potentially dangerous condition in which you can stop breathing for up to three minutes at a time during the night!

Sleep apnea silently affects millions of people, causing high blood pressure, stomach issues, and the annoyance of snoring for your loved ones. The fatigue caused by the poor sleep leads to daytime drowsiness, poor performance at work, and dangerous driving habits.

Dr. Krevitz is trained in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea. He will consult you on the affects of the disease, arrange for the proper tests to determine the severity of your condition, and treat your individual needs. If appropriate, Dr. Krevitz will fabricate a custom mouthguard to stop your symptoms and let you and your loved ones get a good night's sleep.

There are those that do not have sleep apnea, but do snore often enough to disturb their loved ones' rest. Dr. Krevitz can a create a mouthguard to stop that too!